The Olympic Park

A few days ago Charlie went to watch hockey at the Olympic Park so I asked him to take lots of pictures. The park is amazing, modern and yet so green and full of wild flowers! I can’t wait to go there myself in September! I keep looking for tickets online and fingers crossed I will get one or two before I fly home. I’d love to watch Lithuania play basketball live at the Olympics!

So here is the beautiful and very British Olympic Park 2012!


Closest to my heart – Basketball Arena where Lithuanian Basketball team is winning and loosing. It is a temporary venue that will be taken down after the games and used again elsewhere. I think the British should pay more attention to this game, their Basketball team is really good!
Riverbank Arena – the host to all the Hockey matches.
Olympic Hockey Centre – designed by architect Stanton Williams and engineered by Arup, the venue is another to have a legacy afer the Olympics 2012. The centre will host international hockey competitions as well as community events.
London Olympic Velodrome was the first Olympic venue completed by the Olympic Delivery Authority
London Olympic Velodrome – the best British design. After the Games, the legacy Velodrome will be used by elite athletes, local and wider communities.
‘RUN’ is 9m tall and is the largest standalone artwork in the Olympic park.
The Lovely Olympic Park
Where shall I phone?
Main Press Centre (MPC) and International Broadcast Centre (IBC).
Gloriana at the Olympic Park. The Olympic flame has been brought to the Olympic Park down the Thames on the Royal Barge Gloriana after the long journey of the Torch Relay.
London 2012 Water Polo Arena – one of the last venues built at The Olympic Park. It’s a 5000-seater temporary arena.
Can you see the word ‘STREET’ formed from the dripping water underneath the bridge?
This is where I am going in September – Zaha Hadid’s landmark 2012 venue – Aquatic Centre. When the centre takes on its legacy role as a facility for local clubs and community swimming the seating will be removed.
The Orbit – 115 metres high, the tallest art structure in Britain
London Olympic Stadium – Heart of the action.
Can’t wait to be there!
Green all around!
Lovely view with the Basketball Arena in the background

12 thoughts on “The Olympic Park

  1. I knew that the London correspondent would send information to all bloggers friends.
    Good luck and thanks, miss no opportunity to take photographs on the faces of the athletes.

  2. WOW They really did it right!!! The park is fantastic and I can see why you are so excited!!!
    It took a while but I did see the word “street” in the dripping water. I wonder how they did that! I hope your home team does well…you should be proud!

    1. Yes, I am very proud :) I am not British, but I am one proud Londoner :) I am so glad you spotted the word, I have no idea how it’s made, something to to with the reflection :) I can’t to go to the Park in September, right after my holiday back home – good timing to come back to something as exciting :) It’s an amazing event, I hope all these moaners now stopped moaning :) It’s all so well organised that getting to work has never been easier, every Londoner who didn’t get scared of the Olympics is enjoying the perfectly working transport system :) If I have a chance, I want to go to Rio in 4 years time for the Olympics, I better start saving up now :D

  3. fab photos K! My husband and I just looked at them and loved the street art esp the phone box, inverted :) The flowers are so pretty in the foreground, and I love the Aquatic centre. What an architectural beauty. I hope you get to see a game? Let us know! PS Tell Charlie great photos!

    1. Thanks so much Marina :) I passed Charlie your compliments :) So glad both you and your hubby enjoyed the pictures :) It’s such a great atmosphere in the Park and in whole London, I can’t wait to go and see the games. I am going to the Olympic Park to see swimming in September, just after I get back home from Holiday :) It’s gonna be great :) I am still trying to get tickets for the next week, but it’s not easy, I missed a few chances, but I’ll keep trying before I go home :) I am staying positive :)

      I love the flowers too, I love that the park is so green and the most important thing about the park – legacy :)

      1. Oh, what swimming is left? I thought it had ended. How amazing that Michael Phelphs fulfilled his medal legacy in London! yes, stay positive. If you don’t have a ticket, can you still walk around?

      2. He is an amazing athlete! The speed he swims at is incredible! :) No, if you don’t have a ticket, you can’t get into the park. I have a ticket for paralympic games, I didn’t get even one single ticket to and see the Olympic games :) I am sure paralympics will be as inspiring! Plus I’ll get to see the park! :D

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