Well, it is Mrs Greville’s stylish country residence bought in 1906 and re-designed as the perfect setting to entertain royalty, politicians and the best of Edwardian society. It was the time when nothing was too much for the hostess. This is were Charlie and I met up with friends for a lovely Sunday stroll, with a special and the most desirable invitation, of course.

Surrounded by breathtaking Surrey Hills, the country estate was the place where Mrs Greville hung around with her friends, such as King George VI and the Queen Mother. I’ve seen one or two pictures in the house of the King casually relaxing in this beautiful and rather lavish mansion.

‘She was so shrewd, so kind and so amusingly unkind, so sharp, such fun, so naughty’ – The Queen Mother

Walking on the grounds of Polesden Lacey I really enjoyed the idea that 100 years ago royalty played golf and gossiped surrounded by this stunning greenery.


I am ready for the party!